Anikona Farm 100% Kona Coffee rich with flavor and aloha.

Anikona Farm is a boutique family coffee plantation in beautiful Holualoa, Hawaii above Kona. We produce 100% Estate-grown Kona coffee grown on the slopes of Hualalai Mountain, a dormant volcano. The soil is rich in lava minerals creating an incredible coffee with hints of cacao and a smooth finish. Our location at 2,000 feet (660 metres) provides the perfect growing climate for year-round coffee production of world-famous Kona coffee. Welcome to the taste of Aloha.

At Anikona Farm, our family is pleased to share delicious estate-grown Kona coffee, hand-picked and produced with Aloha. While we are a boutique farm in Holualoa Hawaii, we are now pleased to be expanding to Asia and other parts of the world.

Being from Seattle Washington (where coffee is certainly popular), it’s been fun to now grow and produce our own Kona coffee. We continue to be involved with high-tech businesses, but we enjoy being on the farm, working with the coffee trees and picking the ripest red cherry coffee berries.

We freshly roast our beans exclusively for our special customers and can provide custom labels upon request.

We hope you will enjoy our 100% Kona coffee from Anikona Farm sent to you with our best wishes.

Christopher and Aniko Somogyi #

My Favorite Coffee Story

Introducing "My Favorite Coffee Story", a live radio show with VoiceAmerica, hosted by Anikona Farm’s Aniko Somogyi!

Join us each week in our community of coffee lovers to share and listen to favorite coffee stories around the globe.

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When the coffee trees at Anikona Farm are flowering, the gentle fragrance lets us know we will soon be harvesting the beautiful red coffee berries. It is an exciting time on the farm, getting ready to hand-pick the 100% Kona coffee, then dry the beans, remove the parchment and then roast for our friends and guests. We often have guests at the farm sampling our coffee and helping pick. We enjoy sharing the Aloha at Anikona Farm.

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